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Different kinds of microdisplays are already used for quite a while in products like beamer, electronic viewfinders in digital still and video cameras as well as in 2D/3D video glasses and head mounted displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Microdisplays are very small and some of them are very power efficient and thus are ideal solutions for battery driven portable systems / wearables.

OLED (Organic LED) based microdisplays offer several advantages over other existing microdisplay technologies like DLP, LCD or LCoS: They have a high energy efficiency, their image quality is much better compared to other technologies because of their usual higher contrast and more vivid colors and their usage not only results in lower system costs because of their monolithic integration of the light source but also give new innovative design possibilities for end user devices. With these advantages, OLED based microdisplays are today the best choice for any Near-to-the-Eye applications, where highest brightness is not the foremost need, like in Virtual Reality applications, where the systems is immersive and any effects of extraneous light can be eliminated.

LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) based microdisplays today can have much higher brightness compared to OLED based microdisplays and are actual the best choice for Augmented Reality Systems, where extraneous light sources can negatively influence the clear visibility of the projected image.

DMD is offering OLED and LCoS based microdisplays. DMDs ultra low power QVGA-resolution OLED-Microdisplay only needs 15mW in typical use and by that offers the smallest and lowest power solution with very high volume production capabilities. For higher resolution solutions with much higher brightness requirements DMD is offering HD resolution (720p) and Full HD (1080p) resolution LCoS microdisplays as well. For all microdisplays DMD is offering optical lenses, optical monocular and binocular engines as well as development kits with electronic modules.

For high volume production DMD is offering customized OLED or LCoS microdisplays or modules. For that DMD has access to different technologies, e.g. to a very low power 2D/3D graphics controller (GPU) technology, to a very exact (even in-door) positioning technology, to a very low power gesture control technology and to a technology, where microdisplays can be monolithic combined with a camera technology.